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writers block (or is it writer’s block?). Some say it exists, some say it doesn’t, but when I’m trying to finish co writing a novel, rewrite my most recent, start something for nanowrimo (won’t happen), write sweet things to my sweetie, tumble and finish my application, somewhere in between, my mind sort of fizzles, and I can’t think anymore. I need to let my mind rest for a moment. Sometimes I can get on a writing binge and pound out pages, other times I’ll go weeks with nothing to show. Granted, even when I release the words from within, maybe five percent is good enough to be edited, the rest needs to be rewritten. Going by that percentage, my math is not so good any more, how many rewrites do I need to do? It doesn’t matter, it’s not exact. I’ll write this only one time, and I’ll be lucky to read it through more than once for errors.

I need to binge on writing again. It’s been too long.