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On a long phone call, doodling away, i like to draw a single line, never touching itself, round and round, from the end point back into the beginning. If it’s a really long call, I fill it in. If it’s too long, I take a picture and post about my doodling ways.

Fun facts about my doodling history:

- I once doodled an entire day. I only doodled Pokemon. I was eleven.

- I doodled at a restaurant in crayons, the doodle was still up on the wall when I came back a couple months later. I was in high school.

- I used to doodle entire battle scenes, in 2D, with men digging tunnels, launching bombs, shooting guns, building ramparts and castles, driving cars off cliffs. (This doodling was done in real time with SOUND EFFECTS)

- I’ve saved some doodles (I’m a terrible artist). One is in my glove department.

- I doodle on paint/illustrator/photoshop etc. when I don’t have pen and paper. These are my least favorite doodles.

- I doodled a door, and doodled the edges so much you could open the door, and behind the door doodle, there was a doodle dude.


Cheap pizza. Salad. Cheap Wine. Good TV.

I don’t know if that’s a step up from:

Cheap pizza. Doritos.** Cheap beer. Video Games.

Probably not. But both have their place. Maybe it’s the health consciousness (not really), maybe it’s growing up (pretty much). Maybe, as far as lazy Friday nights with the cousin go, (he’s the health conscious one) - (I’m the, let’s eat whatever one), it’s time to turn back the clock as we will in a few weeks. I’m ready for all night gaming sessions. Bring my brother over, bring a friend. I want to play Goldeneye (complex and facility) and Perfect Dark(no slapping and laptop guns), Timesplittersv(2v2 capture the flag) and Mario Kart(yes I’m yoshi), Smash Brothers Melee (yes I’m Link) and Brawl. I want cheetos, and rolling rock. I want to stay up until 3 am taking turns between chips and dip and cherry coke. Part of me wants that, LAN Starcraft (BGH!) and Counterstrike (Italy and Dust2), a nostalgic trip into late teen early twenty something.

The box wine can stay, I guess, but it’s pretty terrible with cool ranch doritos, pepperoni pizza dipped in bacon ranch, and a wine glass is the last thing I want to grab when I press pause.

*My SNES needs a thorough dusting.

**Please wash your hands before grabbing the controller.