Just when I started this up, I went away for a short while.

When expectations are turned around so quickly, so fervently, I wonder what is to be like this all the time. Can the unexpected be the expected? Will it lose its flavor?

I arrived home, tired after a long week. I had picked up a bottle of wine, a baguette and some good salami for a date transmuted through thousands of miles. That’s not to say I wasn’t excited. I was. It’s not just breaking up the ordinary, because the ordinary I so dearly love, but the extraordinary is something we need once in a while. I didn’t realize exactly what that was.

Then I read her words, so carefully chosen. She had a way with words that left me shaking. I was literally moved. She has moved me prior, and moved me since, but those words right there shook me, in a good way. Each day and moment I fell in love with her more, and so much more after I read those words.

And then I called her. She couldn’t talk. Our (video)date was moments away. For some reason, I decided to clean my room up a bit, and take a fast shower. I had come to learn with her, that nothing was unthinkable. The first time we flew together, we both jumped out of the plane. We still have yet to land in a plane together.

Something was up. It didn’t seem possible, but maybe, just maybe, she was going to surprise me and be at my door. I showered and was still fawning after the words she wrote and the possibility of her being at the door.

Then, I heard a knock.

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